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Extended License (₹ 5,499 INR) : You will be listed as authorized seller and will be provided a license panel where you can generate license keys and sell it to anyone. Contact us to buy an extended license.
If anyone found bypassing or cracking the licensing system, their license will be cancelled immediately as well further updates and support will not be provided by us.


Responsive Design

Fully Responsive Design

Easy Admin Panel

Easy To Use Admin Panel

Ad Blocker

Ad Blocker For Specific Page


One Click Sitemap Generator

Seo Friendly

Seo Friendly Pages

One Click Install

One Click Auto Installer

One Click Update

Update From Old Script To Latest

PHP 8 Support

PHP 5 To PHP 8 Supported

All Features
AMP Pages
Responsive Design
Latest PHP Support
One Click Installer
A-Z Artist Collection
XML Sitemap Generator
Seo Friendly URLs And Pages
Specific Page Ad Blocker/Changer
Easy To Use Advanced Admin Panel
One Click Updater From Old Script To New

Premium Features
# Feature Price
1 Mutiple Uploader ₹ 300
2 Category Mover ₹ 150
3 File Mover ₹ 150
4 Youtube To Mp3 Uploader ₹ 200
5 Multi Bitrate Converter ₹ 200
6 Another Site Data Grabber ₹ 250
7 Auto Voice Tag Joiner ₹ 200
8 Auto Album/Category Zipper ₹ 150
9 Web Push Notifications ₹ 200
10 Label, Music, Lyricist ₹ 300
11 Bollywood A to Z Data ₹ 2500
12 Bengali A to Z Data ₹ 2000

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